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Remote Sensing System

From January 2017, I began work as an undergraduate research assistant where my task was to design a wireless sensor system to monitor bridges.

Full project documentation is available at

The idea was to create a mesh network of nodes equipped with accelerometers that would be battery powered, able to run for long periods of time without maintenance, and wireless transmit data to a network hub. The network hub would then send data to a cloud server using the 4G cellular network.

This system would allow users to remotely monitor the structural integrity of bridges.

High Level Requirements:

The new system must include the following:

  • Ability to reliably read sensor data
  • Ability to transmit sensor data to a server
  • Devices must be wireless
  • Devices must operate for long periods of time
  • System must handle multiple sensors, multiple axis of measurement

The priority requirement is to demonstrate that such a system is possible and capable.

Hardware Used:


AVNET Cellular Shield

Intel Edison

Accelerometers, 18650 Li-Ion Batteries, Solar Panel

The sensor node schematic. The Voltage regulator shown was deemed to be unnecessary on account of the on-board regulator.


to be continued…






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